Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my dog(s)?

     Yes you may.  We welcome all dogs on leashes.  However, due to the Health Code, there are places we can not allow dogs; inside buildings, the playground, and hayrides.  Please remember to be courteous to our other patrons and pick up after your dogs and have your dogs up to date on their shots.

Can I pick my own apples?  What kinds can I pick?

     Yes you can pick your own apples.  Different apples ripen at different time so Pick Your Own apples are only available at certain times and for a limited time.  There are 5 varieties available to pick: McIntosh, Gala, Cortland, Empire, and Red Delicious.

    Please check out the You Pick page for more information.

Can I use my own container to pick apples?

     No, our bags are manufactured according to government standards to hold the proper amount of apples.  There are three different bags to choose from.

     -Small child's bag, holds 3-4 apples          

     -Peck, holds approximately 10lbs

     -1/2 Bushel, holds approximately 20lbs

Where do I go to pick pumpkins?

     There are various pumpkins available throughtout our grounds.  If you would like to you can go straight to a field to pick your pumpkin.  During the week just ask a cashier for directions to the nearest pumpkin field and on the weekends you can catch a ride on the free you pick wagon.

Are there hayrides on weekdays?

     No there is not.  However, when large schools (i.e. Fond du lac) or multiple schools have a day off we will try to schedule a tractor driver to provide hayrides.  You can check our Facebook page to see when we do extra hayrides.

Where do I go for the hayride?

     Hayride pickup is located just past the animals.  Please follow the signs.

Do I have to pay for my child on the hayride?

     Children under 2 years are free; they must be on a parents' lap.

Are dogs allowed on the hayride?

     No, unless it is a service dog.

Do we make the apple cider here?

     No we do not.  We send our apples to Whispering Springs in Cleveland, WI.  Nothing is added to our apples to create the cider; the cider is treated with a UV light to kill any harmful pathogens.

Where are the bathrooms?

     Porta potties are located across our grounds; UPick Shed, Courtyard, Playground.

Where can I find the caramel apples?

     During the week we do all caramel apples in the Apple House.

     On the weekends caramel apples are located in the Caramel Apple Barn which is below the Craft Barn and right outside the west doors of the Apple House.  On days where there are a number of schools off we will locate caramel apples out here as well.

Can I place a bakery order?

     Yes, you may.  Please give us a call, 920-921-4784.

What kinds of activities are there for kids on weekdays?

     The playground is always open (although not in November when it's just too chilly).  The animals are always out and goat feed is available for purchase from the quarter machine.  We also have a rody area and pedal carts.  Please check out our activities page for more information.

Can I go on/join a tour during the week?

     No you can not.  Tours are scheduled by schools/daycares for certain days and times.  The tours are geared towards the kids in those groups and we have scheduled employees for those number of kids.

Can I smoke on the grounds?

     Because we strive to keep our farm family friendly there is no smoking on our property.  We include vaping as non-permissible.

Is the farm organic?

     No we are not.  We practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and never spray unnecessarily.  Our employees spend time in the orchards looking at insects, fungus, and tracking the weather.  Some insects are good for our trees and some are bad so we have to take in account how many of each before we decide to spray.  We also track leaf wetness, humidity, and temperature as these items are factors in diseases.

Does The Little Farmer host private parties?

     The Little Farmer offers a variety of different party options.  We have various locations throughout the farm that can be rented out for small gatherings; parties, reunions, etc...  We also host weddings and receptions here at the farm.  Companies can also have employee or customer appreciation events at the farm.  Please visit our Parties page to submit a request.

How old do you have to be to work at The Little Farmer?

     We will hire as young as 13 but we like to stay at 14/15 and above.  We are always looking for more adults!  Please visit our Employment page for more information.