You Pick


U-Pick Shed

Conventiently located next to the parking lot this is your one stop shop to purchase both pumpkins and bags to go pick your own apples.

Open on the weekends only, it's a school tour hub during the week, we offer free tractor driven hayrides out to both the pumpkin field and the apple orchard.  We can also direct you to the field/orchard from here if you would like to take a scenic walk on your way to the pumpkins and apples.



In the fall we leave a few rows of a few different varieties full of apples for you to pick yourself.  We open up the you pick season with McIntosh, generally around Labor Day,  and continue throughout the season with Gala, Cortland, Empire, and Red Delicious.  They are located in a few different orchards and a few different rows so pay attention to the cashier or your hayride driver so you can pick the exact apple variety you would like.

Weekdays:  Purchase a bag from the cashier in the Applehouse and they will direct you to the orchard.

Weekends:  Purchase a bag from the U-Pick Shed and hop on the hayride, or take a walk to the orchard.



In late May the pumpkin fields are prepared for planting.  We seed 20 acres with 20 different varieties. The rest of the summer is spent thinning, hoeing, spraying, and fertilizing.  Of course, Mother Nature always plays a role with the possibility of disease, drought, flood, and insects.  it seems like every year brings a new challenge!  The pumpkin fields are not irrigated so we are always hoping the sum will shine and the rains will come.....but not all at once!

All our pumpkins are sold by their size using 'size rings'.  There are six different sizes and we offer stations throughout the farm for you to size your pumpkin.  Every register has a set of size rings so we can do the dirty work for you.

Weekdays:  Purchase your pumpkin through the register in the Applehouse.

Weekends:  Purchase your pumpkin at the U-Pick Shed or in the Courtyard.